Ellucian Banner Consulting Services

Ellucian Banner is a widely used enterprise resource planning (ERP) system specifically designed for higher education institutions. It provides a comprehensive suite of integrated applications that support various administrative and academic functions.
BsCubes’s Ellucian Banner consulting services focus on assisting higher education institutions in the implementation, customization, and optimization of the Banner ERP system.

Key Highlights of Our Ellucian Banner consulting services include

Assisting institutions in the planning and execution of the Ellucian Banner ERP system implementation, including system setup, data migration, and configuration based on the institution's requirements.

Conducting a comprehensive analysis of the institution's existing business processes and workflows to align them with the capabilities of the Ellucian Banner system, optimizing efficiency and productivity.

Tailoring the Banner ERP system to meet the specific needs of the institution, including configuring modules, designing workflows, and developing custom functionalities.

Assisting with the integration of data from legacy systems into the Ellucian Banner system, ensuring data consistency and integrity throughout the migration process.

Providing training and change management support to help faculty and staff adapt to the new system, promoting user adoption and ensuring a smooth transition.

Assisting institutions in upgrading to newer versions of Ellucian Banner and implementing new features and enhancements to optimize system performance and functionality.

Configuring reporting and analytics tools within Ellucian Banner to provide insights into key institutional data, enabling informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Providing ongoing technical support and maintenance services to address any system issues, ensure system stability, and optimize performance.

Implementing security measures and ensuring regulatory compliance within the Ellucian Banner system to protect sensitive data and maintain data privacy and security standards.

Designing and implementing workflow automation solutions within the Banner ERP system to streamline administrative processes and improve operational efficiency.

What We Offer
Our services help higher education institutions enhance their operational efficiency, data management, and decision-making capabilities. By leveraging our services, institutions can optimize their administrative processes, improve student services, and support the overall success and growth of the institution.
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